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Beinge An Hilarious Adventure Moste Merrie and Farcical for ye Olde Stage

Jack Hawkins is a swashbuckling rogue who gets more than he bargains for when he tries to swindle Lord Henry Bannigan… a frustrated father who is trying to marry off two daughters without paying any dowry.

When both ladies decide they want to marry Jack, the silver-tongued Hawkins fears an end to his carefree bachelor ways is near. With only his wits and the help of a lunatic serving girl to rely on, Jack must play matchmaker for the Lord's reluctant daughters and their two hopelessly inept and mismatched suitors… who, for reasons of their own, would very much like to see Jack DEAD!

"McGinnis has created a show that has the potential to become a classic!"
"Knave of Hearts draws from many theatre staples… but ultimately it is something new and vibrant." "The Bard by way of Mel Brooks."
-Katharine Sealey, Brampton Guardian Review

2 Acts – Cast: 4 Female / 4 Male


CAPTAIN JACK HAWKINS: a charming scoundrel with a flair for flattery and schemes.

LORD HENRY BANNIGAN: an easily baffled widower and frustrated father who is trying to marry off his two daughters while paying as little dowry as possible.

LADY CONSTANCE BANNIGAN: widow of Henry's dead brother, mother figure to his daughters and much more cunning than her flighty nature makes her seem.

LORD NIGEL DUNSTABLE: hostile, bullying, the smartest (not that that says much) and eldest Dunstable brother.

LORD CUTHBERT DUNSTABLE: the younger brother, mild, pleasant, subservient and thick as a brick.

LADY KATHERINE BANIGAN: sexy, headstrong, passionate, the eldest of Henry's daughters.

LADY MARY BANNIGAN: innocent, cheerful and daft, her dominating sister's timid echo.

CINDERS: overworked and undervalued serving girl, slightly older than the Bannigan girls

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 1 hr. 45 minutes


Knave of Hearts by Todd McGinnis was originally produced by Playing After Dark Ltd. opening on the 7th of March, 2001, at the Cyril Clark Theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada .

Production Personnel for the original production:
irected by Todd McGinnis with the assistance of Tracy Rowland and Marsha Legault.
The set was designed by Todd McGinnis, with lighting by Marsha Legault and costumes by Margaret Cairns.

The production featured the following cast in order of appearance:
Cinders… Tracy Rowland
Captain Jack Hawkins… Todd McGinnis
Lord Henry Bannigan… David Cairns
Lady Constance Bannigan… Susan McLay
Lord Nigel Dunstable… Joseph Madden
Lord Cuthbert Dunstable… D. Kirk Teeple
Mistress Katherine Bannigan… Deborah Shaw
Mistress Mary Bannigan… Paige Lancaster

The first community theatre production of Knave of Hearts by Todd McGinnis was produced in the fall of 2003 at the Registry Theatre by Kitchener/Waterloo Little Theatre who acquired the rights through Directplays.com*

*note: all rights to Knave of Hearts are currently administered through Playing After Dark.

Production Personnel for this production:
Directed by Paul Woodard, Stage Managed by Sibylie Heidelberger and Produced by Sharon Kennedy. Costumes were by Angela Yeates, Lighting by James Harynuk and Fight Choreography by Nicholas Oddson.

The production featured the following cast in order of appearance:
Cinders… Polly Edwards
Captain Jack Hawkins… Rob LeGood
Lord Henry Bannigan… Chis Mawdsley
Lady Constance Bannigan… Heather MacDonald
Lord Nigel Dunstable… Tye Zinger
Lord Cuthbert Dunstable… Stephen Stewart
Mistress Katherine Bannigan… Erin Rogozinski
Mistress Mary Bannigan… Kelly Knack