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2 Acts – Cast: 2 Female / 4 Male (possible gender flip 1 male to female)

Great leading and comedic roles for women. Perfect for all levels of production

In "IN-SECURITY", the hilarious action centres around the work-a-day realities of an alarm-response security company which has recently been bought out by a large and policy-obsessed conglomerate.

Into this world steps Linda, new to the city, for whom nothing seems to go as planned. She arrives to find that due to bureaucratic bungling, her new job at the Alarm Dispatch company may not even exist and that life with her dreamy musician-boyfriend may not be quite so dreamy after all. But then she finds an unlikely knight in shining armour in Ted, a charmingly wise-cracking and mischievous co-worker, and Linda's life suddenly becomes much more complicated.

Add to this mix... Chad, a pompous and overbearing manager... Zeus, a dispatch operator with an unusual gift... and Charlotte, the hard-working receptionist who tells the wedding story to end all wedding stories... and Jake, a mobile patrol officer who single-handedly encounters the gamut of bizarre situations and oddball frustrations unique to his profession... and you have a recipe for hilarity, friendship, complication and romance.

If you're going to be in the Greater Toronto Area, don't miss this opportunity to see the very first production of this hilarious and heartwarming new romantic comedy by two of Canada's funniest and most prolific playwrights.

If you caught the duo's first combined effort, the side-splittingly hilarious "Self-Help for Dummies", then you will know that if it's a McGinnis/Argall effort, it's worth finding some time in your busy schedule to spend an evening in laughter and enjoyment. We've done our best to ensure that this production is more than entertaining enough to merit the drive to Aurora to enjoy a fine dinner and one hilariously romantic show, and according to those who saw the opening night... we've succeeded.

This time out, Mssrs. McGinnis and Argall have incorporated a truly charming and romantic storyline into their trademark no-holds-barred comedic examinations of character, situation and the realization of self.

Says McGinnis, "Anyone who wants a terrific evening of entertainment, who wants to laugh a lot and be charmed by some truly gifted actors cast in engaging and delightful roles, should see this play now, in it's world-premiere engagement."

Run Time: 1 hour 55 minutes

NOTE: Publication of this play is still in process. Selected monologues will be made available upon publication.


The new play "IN-SECURITY" An Alarmingly Romantic New Comedy by T. Gregory Argall and Todd McGinnis debuted at the Queen Elizabeth Dinner Theatre at the Hotel Aurora Howard Johnson's on February 15,16,22,23 & 29 and March 1 & 8, 2008.

On Friday Feb. 15, 2008… Stellar Productions presentation of "IN-SECURITY" The Alarmingly Romantic New Comedy by award winning Brampton playwrights T. Gregory Argall and Todd McGinnis made its world premiere at the Hotel Aurora Howard Johnson's Dinner Theatre on February 15th to tremendous laughter and enjoyment by all!


Written by Todd McGinnis and T. Gregory Argall
Produced by David Russell for Stellar Productions
Directed by Todd McGinnis

CAST (order of appearance):

William Poulin… Jake
Tracy Rowland… Charlotte
Victoria Murdoch… Linda
David Merenick… Ted
Todd McGinnis… Chad
T. Gregory Argall… Zeus.