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THREE BROTHERS. ONE BOAT—TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. Harrison Bachman is a caffeine-addicted, big-city stockbroker. Peter is a farmer, a man of heavy judgments and limited patience. Paul is a jokester with a child-like (or is it childish?) love of the absurd. These guys wouldn’t have a thing in common… If they weren’t brothers. Now…

A condition of their late father’s will has forced these sibling-strangers to spend an entire day fishing together in a small boat, and they’re starting to learn a whole lot more about each other than any of them ever wanted to know!

Will these three survive the conditions of their father’s will? Will they survive each other? And what about the contents of the mysterious parcel they must wait to open? Does it hold jewels? Money? Or something even more valuable? Find out in this hilarious and heartwarming comedy by Award-Winning Playwright Todd McGinnis.

"McGinnis has done a fantastic job of capturing that unique ability siblings have to push each other’s buttons." "Don't let the simple design of this show fool you; there are more opportunities for action than you could ever imagine… this witty show about three guys in a fishing boat is surprisingly engaging." "Gone Fishin’ is a trip worth taking!"
Katharine Sealey, the Brampton Guardian

2 Acts – Cast: 3 Male

Wide audience appeal, simple production requirements... "Gone Fishin'" by Todd McGinnis is the perfect show for any level of production, with the sorts of roles actors will line-up to play.


HARRISON BACHMAN: (Male/ late 20's + ) Handsome, self-centred, workaholic stockbroker and specialist in corporate finance. Hates all things rural with a passion that could only come from having grown up there. He's the baby brother in more ways than one.

PETER BACHMAN: (Male/ 40 +) The eldest son. Careworn and stoic. Under normal circumstances a man of few words.

PAUL BACHMAN: (Male/ mid-late 30's) The middle brother. Possibly as wise as he is off-the-wall, Paul is the peacekeeper. He's most comfortable when the mood is light and joking.

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 1 hr. 48 minutes


Gone Fishin’ by Todd McGinnis was originally produced by Playing After Dark Ltd. opening on the 17th of October, 2002 for a two week run at the Cyril Clark Theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada .

Production Personnel for the original production:
directed by Tracy Rowland and Stage Managed by Marsha Legault. Production Assistant Jessica Legault. The set was designed by Todd McGinnis, with lighting by Marsha Legault.

The original production featured the following cast:
Harrison Bachman… Brian Covert
Peter Bachman… William Poulin
Paul Bachman… Todd McGinnis

NOTE: By special permission of Marillion (quite probably the best band in the world) their song "RICH" from the album Marillion.com was incorporated into the production.

Gone Fishin’ by Todd McGinnis was subsequently selected to open and inaugurate the First Annual New Works Festival opening July 8, 2004 for a two week run at the Heritage Theatre, Brampton.

This production was also directed by Tracy Rowland and Stage Managed by Marsha Legault. Production Assistant Jessica Legault also returned. The production featured a new set designed by Todd McGinnis

The production featured the original cast:
Harrison Bachman… Brian Covert
Peter Bachman… William Poulin
Paul Bachman… Todd McGinnis

March - April 2011 - Produced by CORNERSTONE THEATRE & RESTAURANT, Canmore Alberta
Directed by JP Thibadeau
Harrison Bachman:… Jeff Deglow
Peter Bachman… George Smith
Paul Bachman… Andrew Legg

May 2011 - Produced by Members of Lindsay Little Theatre at the Glenn Crombie Theatre, Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough Ontario
Directed by Lisa McCann
Harrison Bachman:… Jesse Perrotta
Peter Bachman:… Seamus McCann
Paul Bachman:… Mike Crosmaz