TRAMMEL THE CULL (one act play) by Todd McGinnis

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1 Act – Cast: 2 Female / 2 Male

A man and a woman return to his home for a one-night stand. The air pulses with sexual tension and… something else.

Behind the attraction lies something fatal. Someone is in danger. A deadly game of cat and mouse is about to begin.

But who is the cat? And who is the mouse?

Find out in this play full of wicked twists and shocking turns, where nothing is what it seems and the ending…. is a killer.



Trammel the Cull by Todd McGinnis was originally directed by Hope Hanson for the BBDF Drama Festival of One Act plays opening on the 6th of June, 2001, at the Cyril Clark Theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada .

Production Personnel for the original production:
directed by Hope Hanson. The set was restricted to black boxes and practical props. Configuration was designed by Hope Hanson.


The production took awards for Best Overall Production, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor.

The production featured the following cast:
SHE… Susan Lane
HE… Tom Black
GUY… Mike McKean
GIRL… Laura Chan

Todd McGinnis’ feature-length screen adaptation and expansion of Trammel the Cull has won high-marks/placements in screenplay competitions (Top 3% Worldwide in the Scriptapalooze Contest) and is currently in development in L.A.
Further details will be made public as allowable.

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