THAT’S WHAT, YES NO MAYBE, and HEY! (One Act Exercises in Subtext) by Todd McGinnis and T. Gregory Argall

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Two of Canada’s funniest playwrights have joined forces once more. And this time… it’s personal.

Okay… not really. This time it’s… got a really long title:

THAT’S WHAT And Other Hilarious Exercises In Subtext For Actors, Directors, Teachers, & Students

See what we mean?

Compiled here for the first time in one volume are…

THAT’S WHAT by Todd McGinnis

(1 Act / Cast size – 3)

3 Actors – 12 HILARIOUS Minutes – 2 Words of Dialogue.

McGinnis’s now-legendary, hilarious and brain-busting exercise in subtext is finally available to the wider acting public.

YES NO MAYBE by T. Gregory Argall

(1 Act / Cast size – 3)

Argall provides another challenging exercise in subtext for actors and directors. Only this time… there are THREE words.

HEY! by Todd McGinnis & T. Gregory Argall

(1 Act / Cast size – 3)

And last but not least, a 3 actor piece with only ONE word of dialogue.


That’s What by Todd McGinnis / Yes, No, Maybe by T. Gregory Argall were originally produced and directed by T. Gregory Argall for the BBDF Drama Festival of One Act plays opening on the 8th of June, 2006, at the Cyril Clark Theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

The set was restricted to black boxes and practical props.

Configuration was designed by T. Gregory Argall.

The production featured the following cast:
A/MIDDLE… Cassandra Watsham
B/UP… Marsali Federico
C/DOWN… Michael McKean

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