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2 Acts – Cast 3 Female / 2 Male

When a technical mishap destroys their pre-taped prime-time, 10th Anniversary special, the three female hosts of TV’s most popular daytime talk show are forced to go live-to-air to replace it. But behind-the-scenes politics, tell-all tabloid stories and rumours about the show’s fate have lit the fuse on an emotional powder-keg. Now, with no chance for edits or retakes, 10 years of off-camera differences are about to explode …on the air!

The perfect show for any level of production. “Point of Viewing is packed with the sort of roles that win awards and kind of monologues that win auditions!” “Every female actor is going to want something from this play in her tool-kit!”

“…Alternating between high-energy farce and charged-up emotional breakthroughs… Point of Viewing is a fresh new addition to the theatre scene, with interesting characters and a clean storyline.” – Guardian Review

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 1 hr. 45 minutes


SINCERITY: Female/ 30+
Sincerity Weeks is the personification of a hardened, driven, embittered, domineering, career-obsessed tv personality. Jaded, cynical, sarcastic, condescending, it’s hard to believe that on-camera she represents Point of View’s sensitive, emotionally-in-touch angle. But she does, and it’s a mask she can slip on at the drop of a hat… so long as she’s being paid. Off-camera, those who are close to her and love her (if there are any) would say that her sarcastic, “bitchy” demeanor is all just an act, an excuse for her to have fun by giving reign to her razor-sharp wit. But all would agree there is a dark side to Sincerity they would rather not encounter in a dark alley.

RAQUEL: Female/ 30+
With a face and body both men and women would kill for, Raquel Voulet’s on-camera persona is that of Point of View’s sultry and sophisticated anchor, the very model of the smart, sexy career woman. Off-camera, however, her sincere and happy, perky nature and her eager willingness to give all of her focus to whatever new thing catches her attention, make her seem more-than-a-little vacant.

SMILEY: Female/ 30+
Tabitha Smiley has always been Point of View’s up-for-anything, girl-on-location, smiley, bubbly, bouncy. On-camera Smiley lives up to her name and more, but over time, the off-camera life has taken more than a few turns for the worse. A deeper soul than her job allows her to show, Tabitha’s still waters run deep.

BRAD: Male/ 30+
Brad has been Point of Viewing’s Floor Director from the start. All along he has known the job is part butler, part referee, part baby-sitter and all psychologist. He knows these three ladies better than anyone, and is always the balancing neutral party and fluid translator between the ladies’ highly-personal world of performance and the show’s impersonal demands of production. Up until now, Brad has covered all bases with flying colours… through no fault of his own, today is not going to be his day.

DR. D: Male/ 30+
Dr. Darren Cooper is more than just a tv pop-psychologist. He is a deeply concerned professional who has committed himself to understanding and mastering the requirements of television without losing sight of why he does television in the first place: to help people. Today however, everything he’s learned about talk-shows is about to go out the window.


Point of Viewing by Todd McGinnis was originally produced by Playing After Dark Ltd.opening on the 27th of February, 2003, at the Cyril Clark Theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada .

Production Personnel for the original production:
directed by Todd McGinnis and Stage Managed by Marsha Legault.
The set was designed by Todd McGinnis, with lighting by Marsha Legault.

It featured the following cast:
Sincerity… Christine Ford
Smiley… Tracy Rowland
Raquel… Tina Hardt
Brad… Brian Covert
Dr. D… D. Kirk Teeple

Point of Viewing by Todd McGinnis was also produced by Stellar Productions at the Queen Elizabeth Dinner Theatre at the Hotel Aurora Howard Johnson’s from October 24 through December 20, 2008.

Production Personnel for Stellar Productions:
directed by Mike McLay and Stage Managed by Karen Park. Sound and Lighting by David Russel.

This production featured the following cast:
Sincerity… Susan McLay
Smiley… Julie Burris
Raquel… Susan Lane
Brad… Nicholas Brody
Dr. D… Lou Israel

Point of Viewing by Todd McGinnis was produced as part of Calliope Sound Theatre Productions 10th Anniversary Summer Theatre Festival in August 2009.

The project was directed by Tony Junor.


Point of Viewing by Todd McGinnis is currently in development as a feature film.

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