The New Novel By Todd McGinnis

Iris, the Goddess of Rainbows is about to have a bad day at the office… of Olympian proportions!

Todd’s hilarious stage comedy is now a very funny new novel!
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It’s not easy being a goddess. Just ask Iris.

When the adorably cheerful and enthusiastic Goddess of Rainbows goes to “head office” on Mount Olympus to ask for a promotion she learns instead that Olympus is down-sizing!

Even worse… Rainbows have been declared non-essential so now both Iris’s job and her very existence are next up on the chopping block!

Her only chance for survival?

Fight hard to earn the one job on Olympus that nobody wants… personal assistant to the most dangerous god of all time… Zeus himself.

Unfortunately for Iris, the first item on Zeus’s agenda could be the death of her… literally.

Zeus wants Iris to arrange for him to have a successful “love connection” with Valkyrie, a visiting Nordic Goddess… OR ELSE!

But then Zeus’s jealous wife Hera, the Queen of the Gods orders Iris to ruin Zeus’s fun… OR ELSE!

And most of the other gods just seem determined to be as unhelpful as divinely possible.
So what’s a poor goddess to do?

Find out as this hilariously fun and light-hearted novel chases after Iris’s efforts to stay one step ahead of all the thunderbolts… and dunderheads… that Mount Olympus can throw at her.

“Thunderbolts and Dunderheads A Myth-sterically Funny Novel” by Todd McGinnis is adapted from and is the novelization of the award-winning, farcical stage comedy “Thunderbolts And Dunderheads” by Todd McGinnis

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