SOME EXCITING NOVEL NEWS!!! My new novel is already a #1 Bestseller on!!! And MORE…

So… my first foray into novel publishing is off to a very good start!

Before the official launch free ebook promo window of this past weekend could even begin, Thunderbolts and Dunderheads A Myth-sterically Funny Novel by Todd McGinnis became an #1 Bestseller in one of its prime categories and reached #3 and #4 Canada-wide in two Fantasy subcategories and was being promoted by as a Hot New Release!

By Monday Aug 3, it had also cracked 3 categories on getting into the Top 5 at #3 in Comic Drama & Plays, Top 20 at #18 in British Humour & Satire and the Top 25 of one of its key Fantasy subcategories.

Even further, the book is enjoying great reviews on both and from those who’ve bought it/downloaded it.

On that note… Thanks to everyone who bought/ordered/downloaded the book in its official launch. The reviews and ratings have been amazing and your support (whether friend, longtime fan of my staged works or stranger looking for a laugh) is very much appreciated and most importantly, will hopefully result in a lot of smiles and laughs.

It’s a thrill knowing that people who’ve enjoyed humorous fantasy like Good Omens, the Discworld Novels or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are starting to hear about my divine bad-day-at-the-office comedy set among the gods of Mount Olympus.

More milestones are sure to come and I’ll be sharing them all here first. Figuring out how best to communicate with your audience across countless ever-changing platforms will take time but we’ll get there.

And there should be some news about my next comedy novel (already in process) in the next couple months.

As always thanks for stopping by.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Keep smiling and do what you can, whenever you can, to make others smile. They may need it.



Todd’s hilarious first novel has arrived!

Hope this good news finds you healthy and happy…

Thunderbolts and Dunderheads A Myth-sterically Funny Novel by Todd McGinnis is now available for sale in paperback and ebook on Amazon including, and and the timing couldn’t be better.

No politics. No bad news. Just a light-hearted, inventive, and fun escape from the real world as you watch Iris, the Goddess of Rainbows try to survive a hilariously bad day at work among the Gods of Mount Olympus. It’s Myth-sterical! : )

Adapted from his award-winning stage farce Thunderbolts and Dunderheads the hilarious new novel is already a #1 Bestseller on’s dramas list and is rapidly climbing on the first page of some other categories, including front page under Fantasy Myths & Legends both Greek & Roman (#10) and Norse & Viking (#8).

Read it on Kindle Unlimited for free! Don’t have Kindle Unlimited?
LIMITED OPPORTUNITY… get the Kindle ebook for FREE this weekend ONLY!

As part of the official launch this weekend the ebook will be free on Amazon from Fri July 31 – Mon Aug 3 2020
After that it will revert to its official list price.

More news will followsoon and several other novels are now in the pipeline. Follow this Todd’s Official Blog to get all the news.
We’re also developing an emailing list soon for fans of Todd’s work who want to stay up to date.

For now… grab yourself a copy of Thunderbolts and Dunderheads A Myth-sterically Funny Novel and have a good laugh!

Testing 1… 2… 3… is this thing on?

In this world of writing and directing… and acting… and producing… and also trying to do other things, the ongoing evolution of tech is both a blessing and a curse.

The blessing is that with greater and greater ease you can do more and more things for yourself. If, for example, you have the talent to write and produce and direct and perform in… plays… movies or whathaveyou… then you also have the tools needed to promote those ventures, to talk about them online.

Social media is one way. For many of us the heart of it all is an online home called a website.

The curse part comes in when you realize that you’ve added web creation, design, maintenance and marketing to your already full plate of things-that-need-doing AND that the tools that allow you to do so ensure that the job is never done. The tools themselves are made obsolete and along with them everything you created with them… which means not only do you have to learn new tools, you have to learn how to use them to RECREATE everything you’ve already created before because… new and shiny tech standards slaughter all that came before them.

Here’s an example…

This is my website.

I’ve owned this URL for a long time now… so long that the entire way websites were created forced me to create an entirely new site, on a new platform… the result? The decade or more of history that had my “free monologues for actors and actresses” page at #1 most Google searches… was lost.

Well… it’s not lost exactly… the old pages are still out there somehow and frequently still show up in searches even though, in theory, redirects should have sent all traffic to my new site where updated versions of all those pages still exist.

In theory.

In reality that didn’t happen.

So what’s the point of all this? The point is that finding the time to teach oneself web-design is hard enough, and finding the time to maintain and update frequently even harder… and BOTH those things are even harder when you have to scrap everything you’ve built every few years, learn how to rebuild it and then re-learn and re-learn how to do things you used to do as a matter of course.

Point being… it all takes time, effort and focus. And given that my focus is at minimum divided between 5 or 6 careers  —writing (for page and screen), acting (for stage, film & tv), voice work for radio & other projects, teaching writing classes and doing script consults— it’s probably no surprise that I’ve had no time for updating websites. And given that I haven’t published any new plays/books for awhile, and since my published material pretty much takes care of itself, dutifully sending home quarterly royalty cheques… it is hardly surprising that this is my first website blog post in a long time.

How long a time?

So long that I was in the process of trying to figure out how to create a blog on my website, watching instructional videos and reading instructive how-to blogs on the subject… only to find that I ALREADY FIGURED ALL THIS OUT A COUPLE YEARS AGO…

So now that I’ve ONCE AGAIN figured out how to access and update all this web stuff, I’m going to give some thought as to how to best utilize that knowledge to create a more consolidated home for my content going forward.

There’s a lot in the works with me these days… and even more on the drawing board that is ABOUT to be “in the works”.

I look forward to sharing it all with you (random persons who have stumbled across this placeholder post) as it becomes appropriate to do so.

This particular post is really just a test pattern, allowing me to remind myself that I have figured out how to do a LOT of things over the years, and that I have the tools needed to figure out how to do even more.

And that’s good.

Because for me busy is good. Stagnation is death.

I’m posting this to lift this blog out of its stagnation. For now, that’s enough.

More will follow.

Hope all is good with you.


YOU CAN WRITE! An Intro to Writing & Storytelling For Screenwriters, Playwrights, & Novelists With Todd McGinnis returns in November Toronto!

YOU CAN WRITE!  An Intro to Writing & Storytelling For Screenwriters, Playwrights, & Novelists With Todd McGinnis returns in November Toronto!

The first two outings were a huge hit with participants, arming them with key and fundamental insights into the writing process that will help them achieve their goals AND… will banish “Writer’s Block” FOREVER! (seriously, you can do that.)

So we’ll be presenting it again in November of this year, watch this site here for dates/details of this and more courses to be added soon, or follow Todd McGinnis on Facebook or @TheToddMcGinnis on Twitter.

Hope to see  you there!


Hello world! From the Rebuilt Playing After Dark website

Hi Everybody, Todd McGinnis here. Welcome to this, my first official post from my all-new rebuilt website.

For those who don’t know… (and yet for some reason have stumbled upon this) is the online home for me and my writing endeavors. There’s info about my ever-growing catalog of plays available for production… There’s links to purchase reading copies…. There are FREE Audition monologues for Actors Female & Male (the Comedic monologues for Women have resulted in University admissions, roles won, school grades raised and lots of other successes all over the English speaking world).

Lately, I’ve added teaching aspects of the Writing and Storytelling process to my existing portfolio as a Script/Story Consultant.

Why? Because over the years I’ve discovered that I really enjoy helping others Writers (or Want-To-Be Writers) to realize their goals in any way I can. One way that I try to do this is by offering more than just encouragement. I try to offer insights that can actually be used to improve one’s process and it is one of my goals in life to demystify those parts of the writing process that CAN be demystified so that new Writers get their stories out into the world instead of getting lost in a world of often confusing, misleading or less-than-helpful “expert” advice.

I’m pleased to say that the first outing of  YOU CAN WRITE! An Intro to Writing & Storytelling with Todd McGinnis
For Screenwriters, Playwrights, & Novelists”
in August went REALLY well! It was a LOT of fun and feedback from all of the  participants was very positive.

The folks at Focus UP were very pleased as well and have asked me to present it again later this month (September). Check their Facebook, or this blog or the Playing After Dark website for dates and details that should be available soon.

Other very exciting things are in the works but I’ll save them for later entries in this blog.

Eventually, I will learn how to tie this blog into social media and make the whole thing work together but web design/social media/blogging are about my 19th-21st careers at this point so it will take me a little time.

Let’s see if this entry goes “poof” and vanishes when I attempt to post it.


If it works, I dedicate this post and the beginning it represents to the memory of the late, great, Wes Craven. I never met the man personally but I’ve learned a hell of a lot about the story-telling process from his stellar works.


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