Todd’s hilarious first novel has arrived!

Hope this good news finds you healthy and happy…

Thunderbolts and Dunderheads A Myth-sterically Funny Novel by Todd McGinnis is now available for sale in paperback and ebook on Amazon including, and and the timing couldn’t be better.

No politics. No bad news. Just a light-hearted, inventive, and fun escape from the real world as you watch Iris, the Goddess of Rainbows try to survive a hilariously bad day at work among the Gods of Mount Olympus. It’s Myth-sterical! : )

Adapted from his award-winning stage farce Thunderbolts and Dunderheads the hilarious new novel is already a #1 Bestseller on’s dramas list and is rapidly climbing on the first page of some other categories, including front page under Fantasy Myths & Legends both Greek & Roman (#10) and Norse & Viking (#8).

Read it on Kindle Unlimited for free! Don’t have Kindle Unlimited?
LIMITED OPPORTUNITY… get the Kindle ebook for FREE this weekend ONLY!

As part of the official launch this weekend the ebook will be free on Amazon from Fri July 31 – Mon Aug 3 2020
After that it will revert to its official list price.

More news will followsoon and several other novels are now in the pipeline. Follow this Todd’s Official Blog to get all the news.
We’re also developing an emailing list soon for fans of Todd’s work who want to stay up to date.

For now… grab yourself a copy of Thunderbolts and Dunderheads A Myth-sterically Funny Novel and have a good laugh!

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