Hello world! From the Rebuilt Playing After Dark website

Hi Everybody, Todd McGinnis here. Welcome to this, my first official post from my all-new rebuilt www.playingafterdark.com website.

For those who don’t know… (and yet for some reason have stumbled upon this) www.playingafterdark.com is the online home for me and my writing endeavors. There’s info about my ever-growing catalog of plays available for production… There’s links to purchase reading copies…. There are FREE Audition monologues for Actors Female & Male (the Comedic monologues for Women have resulted in University admissions, roles won, school grades raised and lots of other successes all over the English speaking world).

Lately, I’ve added teaching aspects of the Writing and Storytelling process to my existing portfolio as a Script/Story Consultant.

Why? Because over the years I’ve discovered that I really enjoy helping others Writers (or Want-To-Be Writers) to realize their goals in any way I can. One way that I try to do this is by offering more than just encouragement. I try to offer insights that can actually be used to improve one’s process and it is one of my goals in life to demystify those parts of the writing process that CAN be demystified so that new Writers get their stories out into the world instead of getting lost in a world of often confusing, misleading or less-than-helpful “expert” advice.

I’m pleased to say that the first outing of  YOU CAN WRITE! An Intro to Writing & Storytelling with Todd McGinnis
For Screenwriters, Playwrights, & Novelists”
in August went REALLY well! It was a LOT of fun and feedback from all of the  participants was very positive.

The folks at Focus UP were very pleased as well and have asked me to present it again later this month (September). Check their Facebook, or this blog or the Playing After Dark website for dates and details that should be available soon.

Other very exciting things are in the works but I’ll save them for later entries in this blog.

Eventually, I will learn how to tie this blog into social media and make the whole thing work together but web design/social media/blogging are about my 19th-21st careers at this point so it will take me a little time.

Let’s see if this entry goes “poof” and vanishes when I attempt to post it.


If it works, I dedicate this post and the beginning it represents to the memory of the late, great, Wes Craven. I never met the man personally but I’ve learned a hell of a lot about the story-telling process from his stellar works.


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